Dec 19, 2016

Last chance to support new book on historic trims from 1730-1830

Why is this project different?

"The finishing touches of the Georgian Era - padded hems, furbelows, rouleaux, piping, ruffles, soutache and fly fringe - oh my!"

There are many books available with a broader scope of different fashion eras, but Aylwen's goal is to focus on trimmings of the late 18th century and early 19th century. She will expand on the details of application and technique using original garments for information. There is a growing group of historical costume enthusiasts and textile conservators who wish to enhance or repair their Georgian, Jane Austen, Regency, Empire and Biedermeier gowns and learn how to make all the lovely trims you see in the pictures.

This full-colour A4 book (21.0 x 29.7cm OR 8.27 x 11.69 inches) will study the construction details of historic trimmings so they can be added to skirts, bodices, and sleeves. You will see close-up photographs of both the front & back of the trimmings and step-by-step pictorial instructions showing how to make the trimmings so you can add them to your garments without needing to buy any new patterns.

"it will become a standard reference for those who study such material..."

Aylwen already has permission to conduct research in collections in the United Kingdom (including the Charles Wade Collection from Snowshill Manor, the Hereford Museum and the Olive Matthews Collection, Chertsey Museum) and private collections in Australia to take photographs for publication and if funding is generous will be able to pay for rights to use photographs from other institutions and the UK National Trust.

Aylwen brings an immense knowledge of historical textiles and professional desktop publishing experience to this project. She will be combining Adobe InDesign's professional layout and design features with book planning project management software to ensure the book is completed in a timely manner and stays on schedule.

What are the benefits for pledgers?

As a very special thank you, Aylwen has made e-books and hardcover books available to Kickstarter subscribers only and will not be offering them for sale after this project closes.
E-book and printed book subscribers do not have to wait until December 2017 (or April 2018!) - all pledgers will be able to access a password-protected website where they can follow Aylwen's journey and see most of her book updates AND be invited to join a private facebook group where she will post updates.
Stretch Goal #1: reaching $10,000 activates an extra chapter in the book: Reticules, pockets and purses. [UNLOCKED]

Aylwen will add an extra chapter for no extra charge for ALL BOOK BACKERS on reticules, pockets and purses and will include lots of colour photos, embroidery designs and patterns for making your own.
Stretch Goal #2: reaching $15,000 activates a new companion book: Gentlemen's Fashion of the Georgian Era [LOCKED]

Once this goal is unlocked Aylwen will offer you a completely NEW REWARD - a long awaited and requested "Costume in Detail" book on Men's Fashion of the Georgian Era - 1730-1820. Aylwen will take photographs of men's garments both inside and out and include close-up photos of finer details and trims. This book will be available for pre-order as soon as this stretch goal is unlocked. A 10% discount will be offered to subscribers of Trims, Frills and Furbelows.
How will the book be set out?

This A4 book will contain
  • Full-length colour photos of each garment 
  • High-resolution close-up photos of trim showing both front and back (where possible without damaging a garment) and inside the garment showing how it was attached
  • Step-by-step construction tutorials using photographs of an actual reproduction

About the Author

Aylwen Gardiner-Garden is a historical costumier, experienced historic dancer and professional events organiser based in Canberra, Australia. She is Director of Jane Austen Festival Australia and is currently studying textile conservation. She has won awards for costuming at Your Wardrobe Unlock'd, and was especially pleased that her first costume to win an award featured an intricate regency trim. Aylwen sometimes thinks others must think her rather weird when she describes one of the greatest thrills in her life is to be working out how a particular trim is made. Aylwen teaches regular historic sewing workshops from her home studio, at Jane Austen Festival Australia and has taught in the US, UK and Germany.

How will the funds be used?

The funds raised with this Kickstarter project will enable Aylwen to
  • travel in June 2017 to conduct research and take photos of a wide range of garments in the United Kingdom - including garments from the Charles Wade Collection, the Hereford Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum and the Chertsey Museum,
  • pay for some of her accommodation during the research period,
  • take close-up photographs of both original and reproduced trims, 
  • reproduce trims for how-to-do-it instructions, and 
  • self-publish an A4 (21.0 x 29.7cm OR 8.27 x 11.69 inches) full colour 100+ page bound book, to be posted out to Kickstarter supporters in December 2017 before launching it to the general public at Jane Austen Festival Australia in April 2018.

How will you keep the subscribers updated?

I am setting up a subscriber-only section of my website and a private facebook group where pledgers to my Kickstarter costume-in-detail book can follow my research. So, just for the price of a book you can follow my journey, too.
How can I help?

Thank you for your help! There are a few things you can do:
-Keep sharing this Kickstarter project on facebook, blogs and other social media platforms,
-Send emails to family and friends who may be interested and explain to them that you really want this book (and the new extras!) to be published and that we need more backers to reach our funding goal, and
-Keep this Kickstarter campaign going - we'd love your ideas on what we can do to spread the word.

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