Jul 14, 2013

KCI Dress Project (11)

I was able to wear my dress at the Hyde Park Barrack's "Redcoats and Convicts" day yesterday in Sydney. As well as dancing every half hour I had a table in Merchants Row and sold white cotton bonnets.
My dress felt very comfortable with the following added features: 
  • padded hem.
  • cartridge pleating the back skirt
I am still not sure if/when I will add the bodice slashing - maybe when I can find some matching silk taffeta as my blue fabric is very thick and heavy.


Laura Morrigan said...

I just realised you are somewhere near Sydney! Do you ever meet up with any of the Sydney Steampunk groups or are you going to the Regency Ball in the Blue Mountains later this year? My friend and I are excited and planning to make dresses for it! After Steamfest that is!

Aylwen Gardiner-Garden said...

Hi Laura
I'm in Canberra and have met up with Steampunk enthusiasts when they come to the Jane Austen Festival in April (in fact we are having a steampunk/mad hatters ball in November this year!) but am away in September leading a historic costume tour of England. It will be a shame to miss the ball but I am looking forward to seeing the photos.

OldFashionGirl said...

I can't wait to meet you at the promenade Will you be wearing this dress?

Lexi (from Abigail's closet?

Aylwen Gardiner-Garden said...

Lexi, that is my plan :) Looking forward to meeting you there.

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