Dec 20, 2011

Regency Reticules

Looking for a small project to complete over the Christmas break? A regency reticule is definitely something you can start and finish - even by hand while watching the cricket (an Australian tradition).
Reticule, England, 1800-24
Silk with embroidered floral design and tassels
V&A: Museum no. Circ.554-1954
From MFA, Boston. Accession Number 64.692 

Ladies cream silk reticule with chenille embroidery. English 1790-1800
Matching silk satin reticule & shoes in Aylwen's private collection
A pattern to knit a pineapple reticule is here.
You can draw up your own pattern by looking at pictures or use the reticule patterns that are part of the Elegant Ladys Wardrobe pattern. Wingeo also have a reticule pattern with many variants. There are some simple pouch instructions and also a reticule pattern online. Here is a link to how to make tassels and here are some regency embroidery patterns for decoration. To learn even more about reticules, come along to the Jane Austen Festival Australia in Canberra each April and attend one of the workshops.

Links to reticules online:


Cécile said...

Thank you for this nice compilation! There were so many kinds of bags its difficult to get an overview.

M'lady said...

I've been making one lately. Need to get some more embroidery thread to continue as I did two panels then realised if I lined it the inside would end up too small so have added an extra panel which now needs decorating.

I found it quite relaxing. Its a chance to show the sewing skills I *do* have to their best advantage.

Kelly said...

Lovely selection of pictures!
They are so quick and easy to make too!

Aylwen said...

I'm glad this has been of assistance.

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