Nov 13, 2011

EDHDA Italian Renaissance Costume Project (Part 3)

The costumes that we are making date from 1480s through to the 1510s. I have long admired the Ghirlandiao paintings that show a variety of these gowns.

The gown is made in three parts. The first is the camicia (chemise or shift), the second is the gamurra (under dress) and the third is the giornea (the over gown).

First Layer
We plan to use the camicia pattern that is shown and discussed at Festive Attyre. We will use either white cotton or linen.
Second Layer
The gamurra is shown in most portraits as a plain-ish or contrasting dress with detachable sleeves tied at the shoulders. It can be laced at the front or back, but has a tight bodice and fitted sleeves.

Third Layer
The giornea is a sleeveless overgown, and can be worn with front and back fitted to the underbust or just the front fitted and the back left like a train.

Even though we are making outfits from this era, we will be dancing dances from the whole Italian Reniassance period, so it is important that we do not have trains - I do not think it wise to dance the canario in a train!


Anonymous said...

canarios in a train is quite spectacular if you can manage the train and your partner and their sword.

Anonymous said...

that was Rachael Zavodnyik btw

Aylwen Gardiner-Garden said...

We resisted the trains but the gowns had a good swish. Shame you can't come down and see them in action. We've got two more shows - 2&3 March at 7pm

Andy said...

This era had lot of elegance and richness of fashion!!!!

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