Nov 13, 2011

EDHDA Italian Renaissance Costume Project (part 2)

I've just been through my fabric and trim stash and have compiled ideas sheets for the gowns so I can take my folder to Spotlight and see if they have any large trims I can use.
Our aim in this project is to costume 20 dancers and use up the fabric stash in my attic. We will not be buying new fabrics except for undergarments and trims.

Sizes 8, 10 & 12 ready for labelling and packaging (Thanks Martin )

Week 1 Task Sheet
Some of the trims I found at Spotlight - coud be used as bases with others sewn on top. 


Rosie said...

You are sure going to be very busy sewing!. I am presently sewing up my renaissance skirt and attaching the trim by hand.

marijke said...

can't wait to see the result!!!

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