Feb 3, 2014

1820 KCI Dress Pictures - Your Wardrobe Unlockd

The original gown at http://www.kci.or.jp/archives/digital_archives/detail_59_e.html

At Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney.
The Hyde Park Barracks is a brick building and compound designed by convict architect Francis Greenway between 1818–19; originally built at the head of Macquarie Street (1819) to house convict men and boys. The site is managed by the Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales as a museum open to the public for a modest fee. The site is listed on New South Wales' State and Australian National Heritage registers, and is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as one of 11 pre-eminent Australian Convict Sites as amongst "the best surviving examples of large-scale convict transportation and the colonial expansion of European powers through the presence and labour of convicts."

This gown is worn with period undergarments: chemise, stays and a linen chemisette.
I made the stays many years ago and they're still going strong!
Dancing in the gown at Redcoats & Convicts Day at Hyde Park Barracks

Minding a stall at the Redcoats & Convicts Day when a handsome gentleman comes by to visit...
in the blue wool tailcoat I made him a few years back. So nice to match at last!

The Progress Shots... 

Piping the neckline trim. All piping was hand sewn.

Pinning the trim in place - figuring how to make them lie flat.

Attaching the piped ruffles to the skirt.

Before adding the sleeves
Back of the dress - second attempt. I tried pleats at first but gathers were best with such a ruffled hemline.
Detachable cuffs


AuntieNan said...

This dress is so fine!
The trim is just amazingly gorgeous!

Jen Thompson said...

It's stunning! What gorgeous details, and I adore all the stripes. Well done, and good luck in the contest!

Katarina-otb said...

Well done! Beautiful outfit!)

Tracey Walker said...

I love it. So much detail and you don't see that style represented very often either.

Cassidy said...

Late comment, but this is amazing! Great detail work!

Aylwen Gardiner-Garden said...

Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments. I do love this dress - it is a pleasure to wear as well.

Gina said...

My heavens. I love this dress! The collar and the trim around it has to be my favorite part about it...or the color or the trim on the bottom! Beautiful work!

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