Dec 15, 2016

Kickstarter Update: Trims, Frills and Furbelows - only 5 days to go!

Thank you for helping me get this project past the first stretch goal! I am so happy to be adding purses, pockets and reticules. Here is the latest draft table of contents for my Kickstarter Book, 'Trims, Frills and Furbelows' . As one subscriber said,

"it will become a standard reference for those who study such material"

Even though I enjoy sewing historical costumes, I have found over the years that I much prefer researching the finer details of trims and am so looking forward to sharing all my research with you.

I still need your help funding this project - every cent will be used towards the project and all the extra costs of camera lenses, tickets, accommodation, car hire, travel insurance, and more!

I am looking forward to making fly fringe and tapes for this project on a reproduction English tape loom this summer. This will be a nicer alternative to my clover beading loom. This box is patterned off one in Colonial Williamsburg.

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