Dec 11, 2014

Regency Court Trains

Some time ago I fell in love with Josephine Bonaparte's court train and wanted to make one for myself. I held off because it is so impractical and I cannot wear it for dancing.

Consecration of the Emperor and the Coronation by Jacques Louis David 
I found an embroidery design I liked and had a version of it digitised, and then embroidered on a two metre piece of cotton velvet. Yesterday it was lined and pinned onto my mannequin - ready for me to plan the next step - the back. Will I give it a back or will I simply sew straps over the shoulders?

My half-finished court train in my sewing studio.
I have lined it with white cotton sateen and used a metallic gold to pipe the edges.

Some reference pictures of my options:

Small back with shoulder straps, 1808.

Backs - these could be called 'robes' instead of trains.
Back view, 1809

MET Museum, 1809

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Susan said...

Just beautiful! I've been wanting to do a train, but I'm stuck on the border. Did you do the embroidery yourself, or have someone else do it? I've made inquiries, but I'm always told how impractical it would be to have done. Thoughts?

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