Nov 23, 2014

Sleeveless bodices in the regency period

Every now and then I see a movie gown from the regency period that looks too modern and wonder how much artistic licence the designer has taken. Now that I have access to pinterest I am finding out so much more about regency garments and together with the wonderful regency/napoleonic/empire costuming community on Facebook I am realising that many of these garments are fairly accurate.

One such garment is a sleeveless bodice or sleeveless spencer, and today while searching online I found a pattern for one, though you could just alter a bodice pattern from a gown or spencer.
According to the source at

I have been putting together a folder of images of these sleeveless garments at Some prints below give a good idea that this was not an uncommon garment, and is a relatively inexpensive option to update a regency gown for a new event or to change the look of a gown when attending a few events in one day.

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Kura Carpenter said...

Ohh! This is lovely, thanks for sharing :)

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