Jul 28, 2014

1809 Redingote update

Last January I started to make an 1809 Redingote, but the heat of summer and other pressing commitments prevented me from making much progress. I wonder if I need to have another go at getting it finished while it is so cold outside in our Australian winter? http://aylwen.blogspot.com.au/2014/01/1809-redingote-for-australian-autumn.html

I've had invaluable assistance from Sabine Schierhoff, Judy Lukas, Charo Palacios and Bronwyn Parry translating the description at the bottom of this fashion plate and finding fabric online.

We've worked out that it is telling us that the Redingote is decorated with an Astracan imitation made from silk plush(velvet) and that the turban is made of Muslin. The L'evantine fabric of the Redingote- [F. levantine, or It. levantina.] is a stout twilled silk fabric, formerly made in the Levant. 

I found a vintage Astrakhan coat and some nice wool fabric in January, but with this more expanded translation and time for much thinking about where and when I'd like to wear the coat, I have decided that I will make the coat from this dusty lavender silk twill, and ornament it with silk plush.

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Kat said...

That is going to be gorgeous!

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