Jul 26, 2014

Slippers, or the start of something new...

Today I attended a leather workshop in Goulburn, NSW and started learning to make shoes.
Table of tools used by our instructors. 
I have been reading all week about making historic turn shoes and hope to use a similar technique to make dance slippers, unless further research turns me in another direction.
I have learnt that different leathers are used for the uppers and soles, and that the leather I most prefer for uppers is called milled double shoulder. I found mine at Tandy leather and it feels so beautiful under the hand.
My goal is to learn to make a simple yet elegant handsewn dance slipper. I will document my progress here over the next few weeks.
The milling process, which produces the supple feel,
also produces a prominent grain that gives items a look of elegance. 
Materials in my box:
Sewing awl with straight and curved needles
Waxed thread
Milled double shoulder leather
Sharp blade for cutting leather
Overstitch wheel
Safety Beveler
Stitching Horse


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