Oct 17, 2012

1780s Portrait Dress

Our 18th century ball is on this weekend so I'm trying to get my 1780s dress finished. I've had this silk stored in my attic for some years now and feel confident cutting into it now I've had some weight loss. I'm not sure if I'll get my trim sewn in time - if not, that can be done later.
I'm using a dress in the Snowshill collection as my inspiration - images and scale patterns are in Costume in Detail and Patterns of Fashion - and its close to my size 12. Jennie Chancey released a 1780s Portrait Dress Pattern that is very similar and only needed minor changes to fit -  the only alterations were raising the height of the back to cover my stays. My fabric is Duran silk from Sweden.

More updates soon - I need to make and attach the trim tonight. If you're in Canberra please do come to the ball on Saturday.

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