Jan 3, 2012

KCI Dress Project [2]

I plan to use a commercial pattern for this gown. I have learnt so much from following other costumers dress diaries - and want to make it easy for others to replicate this gown if they like my version.
Who better to ask than Jennie Chancey from Sensibility Patterns? She has two regency patterns on the market that I can play around with.
Her advice was to:

  1. Use the drawstring bodice from the Elegant Lady's Closet, as it looks like the fabric beneath all the trimmings on this is gathered, and you get the wider, rounder neckline with the ELC. However...
  2. Use the Regency Gown skirt, which has the smooth front. You'll simply gather the drawstring bodice to fit it, which means...
  3. Make the gown tie or fasten up in back (also original Regency Gown pattern).
  4. My short ballgown sleeves from the Elegant Lady's Closet look like these. You can use the long sleeve pattern to add the undersleeve-style attachment inside the cuff.

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