Jan 2, 2012

18th Century Stays - when I first started out

I've had an interesting seven years making 18th century stays. When I started out I found it hard to find any online tutorials, no one near me had ever made any - all I had for reference were my books - and the one I found most useful was Costume Close Up.

I devoured this book and learnt so much, and was so excited when I got to meet the author, Linda Beaumgarten, in person in Williamsburg in March 2011.

My first challenge was making the pattern fit me, and my large hips. After a few unsuccessful toiles, I ordered the JP Ryan strapless stays pattern. That was one of the best decisions I've made, as Janice has drafted up a wonderful pattern that is adaptable to ALL body types. If you are just starting out, I thoroughly recommend this pattern. The pink stays below were size 16 bust, 18+ hips - and the pattern they came from was a Size 14!

My 2011 stays - Size 12/14
 silk brocade-duck interlining-linen lining-leather binding

My journey is not over - I have lost more weight and am making new stays. I just need to find the time!

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