Nov 20, 2011

A modern take on an old favourite ... for my son

This post is for my ten year old son who is learning to sew and wants to make a Christmas stocking.

Step-by-step tutorial below the cut.

Place two layers of calico and two layers of jute on the cutting board

Pin stocking template to the four layers of fabric.

Cut around the template, through all layers at once.

This is what it looks like after you've cut it out.

Take off the paper template and pin the four layers together. Keep the same order you placed them in at the start.

Sew a 1/4 inch seam all around the outside but NOT along the top.

See the same four layers from the beginning. Now they have been sewn together.

Look inside the calico lining layers and pull up from the bottom.

Turn through and it looks like this.

Now look through the calico pocket. Pull the bottom through this one in the same manner.

Now you have your jute stocking!

Make sure all curves are poked out and then press with a steam iron.

Pin the cuff trim to the inside of the stocking, with the good side against the inside of the stocking.

Sew this trim to the inside of the stocking.

Use the overlocker to trim the rough edges and stop further fraying.

Turn the trim through, pin, sew and press.

Get a strip of calico to make a loop to hang. I like to make it long. Sew it together.

Turn it through - I used a knitting needle. Then sew it to the inside of the stocking.

Hang around the house for Christmas.

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