Nov 24, 2011

On the planning board... some regency gowns and spencers

A few new garments have been added to my planning board - to be completed for JAFA (Jane Austen Festival Australia) next April. Not all of these will be made, but these images in combination will help make up two wardrobes.


Time Traveling in Costume said...

What a hard choice you have to make to decide which ones to make, but so cool that you get to make more than one, even if its not for you. I've always loved that green pelisse.

The Lady Ship said...

A hard choice indeed, these are all gorgeous! I really love the brown/blue stiped gown from the History of Fashion collection. I would like to make something like this one day.

Lady D said...

I like the top one and the penultimate one with red trim the best.

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