Nov 18, 2011

Open Robe from S&S Pattern

Although some may wish to use Open Robe patterns from Patterns of Fashion or Norah Waugh, there are others who have been using existing patterns and drafting their own. Whilst these do not have documented historical accuracy, they are giving a regency 'look', are economical in their fabric usage and make use of existing patterns.
Yesterday I got out the Sensibility Elegant Lady's Wardrobe pattern and started out drafting an open robe bodice from the crossover dress pattern, as I'd seen done elsewhere.

I wasn't happy with the over-shoulder pleats - I felt that I needed to retain more of Janet Arnold's pattern where the shoulder and front had pleats. So I took my tracing and moved across to the gathered dress pattern on the same sheet.

This made more sense to me, so I got out my light weight shapewell and proceeded to make a toile.

I'm happy with the back, but took a poor photo of the front.  One thing I do know is that I will not cut out the front as one piece - I need to separate the crossover piece at the front, with the seam providing strength. I also need to re-shape the lower edge.

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Lady D said...

I'll be following this with interest. I'm still experimenting with my regency dress trying to get it to fit *and* flatter.

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