May 23, 2009

Night Clothes

Regency Night-Dress (1)
This garment is worn at night instead of the day shift in the cooler months. It features:
  • long sleeves with narrow trimmed cuffs
  • slit in the front fastened with three buttons equally spaced.
  • buttonholes are lengthways on the narrow hem.
  • trimmed collar that is either turned down or standing like a fichu
  • shoulder pieces
If the night-dress is figure-hugging, wear a muslin fichu made of "a square of four quarters of middling-quality muslin, which you fold like a shawl".
In summer a nightcap without strings is worn, in winter a trimmed serre-tête is worn underneath a cap with strings.
In hot weather the day shift might be worn with a muslin fichu that is replaced by a night jacket.

1. Grimble, Frances, The Lady's Stratagem, pg 183-4.

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