Jan 22, 2007

Our Midsummer Nights Dream Ball was a success! Even though temperatures were higher than expected, lots of people came and had a lovely time. I haven't downloaded the photos yet, but when I do they will be on our Photo Page. The renaissance dances we did were really fun - just like dances must have been danced at the time of Shakespeare, and the band Earthly Delights was great, right in the groove. Our next ball is a Jane Austen/Napoleonic Ball on the 17th February.

Today I started sewing a quilt for the first time in my life! I've been reading about other people starting them and a friend at work is halfway through one, so I've got one of my own to work on at lunch times and on the bus. I've chosen to do a Sweet Valentine BOM Quilt, designed by Lesley at Faeries in My Garden.

Last night I started another Regency ball gown for myself, using some brown silk dupion. I'm using the Sense & Sensibility Regency Dress pattern neckline supplement, choosing the sloping neckline option, but retaining the original low neckline. I've added 10" extra on the fold to the front to pleat up - it looks lovely when pleated up, attached to the linen lining and folded over. I've got to sew in a casing for a drawstring cord so it can be fitted over my shoulders. I'm planning to make an overdress, similar to one worn in the Sense & Sensibility movie.

My daughter Amy is cutting out a new dress that will look like Jane's white ball dress from Pride and Prejudice 2005. To make this gown, simply use the Sensibility pattern, An Elegant Ladies Closet. I will be selling these from next week on my patterns page.

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