Dec 2, 2016

Wait, there's more?

I'd like to announce two new goals that I am going to try to reach with this Kickstarter Project. 

To reach these goals I need your help spreading the word about this project with your friends or reaching out to blogs who might be willing to let its readers know more. All the help I can get is very much appreciated and I've enjoyed receiving your feedback for this project.

Please share this link:

Stretch Goal #1: reaching $10,000 AUD activates an extra chapter in the book: Reticules, pockets and purses.

Once this goal is unlocked Aylwen will add an extra chapter for no extra charge for ALL BOOK BACKERS on reticules, pockets and purses and will include lots of colour photos, embroidery designs and patterns for making your own.

Embroidered silk reticule to be included in extra chapter

Stretch Goal #2: reaching $15,000 AUD activates a new companion book: Gentlemen's Fashion of the Georgian Era

Once this goal is unlocked Aylwen will offer you a completely new reward - a long awaited and requested "Costume in Detail" book on Men's Fashion of the Georgian Era. Aylwen will take photographs of men's garments both inside and out and include close-up photos of finer details and trims. This book will be available for order as soon as this stretch goal is unlocked and will be selling at the same price structure as Trims, Frills and Furbelows. A limited 10% discount will be offered to those subscribing to both books before 19 December 2016. 

Amongst garments already selected for the book on
Men's Clothing is a rare pair of men's drawers from the 1780s.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aylwyn, I have just been reading about your KickStarter Book. It sounds great. I think this level of detail is missing from publications I have seen on regency dress. I wondered if you are interested in visiting the Blaise Castle House Museum in Bristol when you are here in the UK next year. (You mention going to Hereford which isn't too far away - 60 miles / 1hr 30 minutes drive). The museum has on display two beautiful regency dresses and a pelisse. But I do know that they have a huge amount in storage, which isn't on display. If you would like some further details I can email you some photos. I also have the name and email address of a contact too. Nicola

Aylwen Gardiner-Garden said...

This sounds fantastic and I'll definitely follow up with you to get contact details etc.
Thank you!

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