Aug 17, 2016

Online exhibition - invitation to be involved

At Jane Austen Festival Australia in April 2017 I'll be putting on an exhibition of antique men's and women's Georgian & Regency clothes (a minimum of 20 items). Soon afterwards I hope to launch it as an online exhibition - and that's where I'd like to invite you to be involved in making it bigger and better. Do you collect clothing or accessories from this period? Would you like your items to be part of a global online exhibition? Or do you have computer time and skills you'd like to share helping to get this collection online? Would you like to be able to access a collection where you can click on an image to see close-up interior construction shots? If there is damage a link to conservation methods for repair or storage? Would you like to see links to similar garments online and patterns or books that could be used to make them? Maybe even an online calendar listing events around the world you could wear them to? Can you help write a draft crowdfunding proposal to help cover some of the costs of this project and to self-publish a colour book of the online exhibition?

I'm making a start on this in the next 7-10 days and welcome your support and ideas.

These 1770-90 glazed wool (Calimanco) shoes will be part of the exhibition

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