Oct 24, 2015

1790s Riding Habit

I've been sewing so much and neglecting my blog. Many items get put on my facebook page and never get written up here.
My most recent adventure is inspired by an embroidered jacket in the Kyoto collection. It is two separate garments and I've found a waistcoat at the V&A that I'll be copying for the under garment, minus the standup collar. I've been playing around with drafting pattern pieces and am now hand embroidering the collar - one bit at a time. Since I don't normally embroider it will probably take a while, so my goal is to have it wearable for the Jane Austen Festival next April.

Jacket in Kyoto Collection. This is two separate garments.
Waistcoat in the V&A

Back of waistcoat

Working out my design.

Chalked Design
Testing out embroidery possibilities.

My hand embroidery so far. I've just changed to a different frame to stop damage occurring under the ring. 

Playing around with patterns.


Megan Martin said...

I'm working on this same jacket! :D It's all bits and bobs right now, nothing that actually resembles a garment yet. XP

For the embroidery hoop, I like to put a square of muslin into the hoop, cut out the center, and then pin my fashion fabric onto the muslin so I can embroidery without the hoop crushing my expensive fabrics. I have always had a problem with embroidery hoops causing damage to my fabrics, so this turned out to be an easy solution. :)

Aylwen Gardiner-Garden said...

Hey, that's great - I'd love to see some of yours! I've transferred to a larger frame. Not as easy to work but I should get used to it soon.

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