Dec 26, 2014

Historic Dance Tour of the US, mid-2015

All roads lead to dance! I am adding dots to the map of John's historic dance teaching tour of the US in June & July 2015.... We have only just started to put together ideas and we may need to firm up a few more ideas before we can say the trip is really viable (artistically—we expect to cover most costs ourselves). When we have half a dozen firm ‘dots’ we can see if they can join up easily in a timetable— and we’d happily work around each group's preferences too- anything you organise would be one of our main reasons for travelling.
John teaches historic styles from the Renaissance, Baroque, 17th & 18th Century, Regency, Victorian and Vintage eras. He'll bring some instruments but is always happy to work with local musicians. If you have a special evening dance planned, we'll add our costumes
Please contact me on if you would like to add a dot to our map. To read more about John, please visit his bio at

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