Mar 13, 2014

18th Century Court Gown, a work in progress

I've had to put aside my regency gown while I work on my 18th Century Court Gown to wear at the Jane Austen Festival for a dance display. Do join my progress at
Whilst I love sewing by hand, my carpal tunnel and deadline for finishing this gown mean that I must learn how to use some of the embroidery stitches on my sewing machine. I'm slowly improving.

Dress inspiration - this gown was photographed at the Leeds City Museum, UK.


My fabric, an embroidered silk from in India

My hoop (Simplicity 3635) and stays (Nehelenia)
Stomacher design

Boning the back of the stomacher

Sewing the design lines onto the front

Playing around with trimming ideas
Getting my punches to work

Two punched silk sleeve flounces
Embroidered design onto silk flounces using tear away stabiliser

After ironing remove the tear away stabiliser

Carefully cutting away the edges

Two large and one small flounce done, one more to go.
I'm getting a little better doing machine embroidery.


Jen Thompson said...

Oh WOW! This is going to be stunning!

Dregae said...

That is going to be remarkable!! Well done!!

Grace e

Aylwen said...

Thank you :) I am working slowly as I've got a few jobs on my plate that are taking priority, but today did some more work on my sleeves.

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