May 19, 2012

Finding Regency Era Patterns

    I'm often asked what commercial regency patterns are available and that I've used and can recommend. Below is a list of some that I've used - not all have easy-to-follow instructions and I definitely recommend you make a toile first.



Lyric said...

Thank you Ms. Aylwen for thoughtful sharing and your knowledgeable insight in these matters.

Do you wear historical garments in daily life? That is my goal as they look so very comfortable. To be sure it is a semi-large undertaking the remaking of an entire wardrobe inside to out. I'm excited, inspired, and motivated to handle the task. Oh, and able with kind folk like you educating the likes of me.

Thanks again,


Aylwen Gardiner-Garden said...

Dear Lyric
Unfortunately I don't get to wear these beautiful gowns in normal day life - for a start I have to cycle to and from work :(
I do however wear them in my own time when I can, and particularly enjoy attending events where I can wear them for a few days. I organise Jane Austen Festival Australia where we have four days in historical clothing.
I have found it very important to wear the appropriate underpinnings to achieve a 'historical' look, and recommend the Sensibility Short Stays pattern from Jennie Chancey as being comfortable when made to fit.

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