Feb 27, 2012

Costume Research - where is it taking me?

Where do you go to learn about historical costumes? Does it fill your life the way it does mine? When I am not minding the family, tending my garden and pets, organising dances and festivals and working my part time job at the local University - I am always thinking/dreaming/planning about historical clothing. Wondering how certain garments were made, how that trim was created, where to get that fabric. Late at night when I am not sewing I am scanning in patterns and blowing up to size, using my technique documented here or browsing other costumers' diaries in google reader and live journal. In 2009 and 2011 I travelled overseas to attend costume conferences and study tours, and am already planning another study tour in 2013. I've taken copious photos that I am able to use in further research.
With all this knowledge filling my head I want to make and share. I want to make all these lovely gowns and I want to share my love of historical costumes with others. I have set up my studio to teach small workshops of 4-6 people and am putting together a calendar for 2012 and am teaching a variety of workshops at Jane Austen Festival Australia in April. My biggest problem is working out what people want to learn in the workshops - what I want to share is not necessarily what they are interested in. So, I ask here, what would you like to do in a 2-day weekend workshop?

Example of a bonnet I'll be teaching you to make in a short workshop at JAFA 2012

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Lorna McKenzie said...

Even as an experienced costumer there is so much to learn from others. Just spending time with others working on a project where no one teaches but we all share our experience as we go along would really interest me.

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