Feb 6, 2012

1812 Regency Tailcoat, December 2011

I originally planned to diary the making of this 1812 Tailcoat. I started with the best of intentions in May 2011, but life intervened - in the name of overseas travel. 
I must say that this coat is the most international garment in my collection. It started life in my Yarralumla studio, and then proceeded to be completely handsewn across the US, Canada, England and Denmark. Starting a new job as soon as I returned from my travels delayed its completion until December 2011.
So I apologise that I do not have the "makings" of this coat - but I do have the memories of sewing it in wonderful locations, surrounded by friendly dancing folk across the world.
To read my research into men's regency garments, please follow the "DPP2011" tag.

John wearing the blue wool 1812 tailcoat in December 2011. 

First toile

Adjusting the shoulder seams.

Ready, set, go!

Starting pad stitching

Silk-lined sleeves



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