Dec 28, 2011

KCI Dress Project

My KCI Dress Project is a 2-part project. The first part of the project is to make a ballgown inspired by the trimmings of this gown. The ballgown will duplicate the bodice puff decoration, have short puffed sleeves and only two rows of flounces on the skirt. The second part of the project is to make a gown as similar to this gown as possible. 

Summary of the existing dress at the existing gown is made of a brown and blue striped silk taffeta. It has a separate jacket and dress, matching belt, silk taffeta cording and puff decoration on the bodice and four rows of flounces on the bottom of the skirt. 
Left cuff

bodice and sleeve details

Rows of flounces, piped

Slightly padded hem

right sleeve cuff

Close-up of the bodice trim

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