Dec 30, 2011

Regency Chemisette

Today I started on the underpinnings for a new project for a client - a full regency wardrobe. It includes a chemise, pantalettes, stays, petticoat, chemisette, day dress, spencer, open robe, ball gown, reticule and bonnet. Yes, this is the project with the KCI-inspired ball gown.
I'm rather pleased with the chemisette. It is mostly hand stitched - a necessity with the very sheer linen as it kept wanting to move around. I had more control over it by hand stitching. When I finished I couldn't see the stitches!

You can make your own copy of this chemisette by using the Sensibility Undergarments Pattern.

Chemisette, c.1800 Killerton House UK

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