Nov 30, 2011


In preparation for making a copy of a regency gown I studied in the UK I am trialling rouleaux making methods before making over 80 metres of rouleau.

I cut a piece of prepared bias edging to test the following method and pressed it to remove the prepared fold.

I folded the piece in half with right sides facing and pressed to make a crease. 

I pulled both threads from the machine out so they were longer than the piece of fabric. I placed the threads inside the crease and sewed 1/4" from the edge, backstitching at the beginning and end.

Then I gently pulled the thread, massaged the end of the fabric so it turned in on itself, and gently pulled. Once it started it went so fast I was amazed - you can see in the video below. [please note that the video below is not visible if viewing this blog entry in google reader.]

CREDITS: I'd like to credit for sharing their rouleau technique.

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