Aug 31, 2011

Spring is approaching

There has been a lot of housework to do now that we've returned home after eight weeks overseas, and with Spring starting here tomorrow the garden is calling out for help as well. In Canberra Spring really starts on the 1st September, unlike other places overseas that seem to follow the equinox. Working on all the chores is clearing my head so I now have a clear view of all the sewing ahead of me. Some will make it to my blog.
I have nearly finished the gentleman's regency frockcoat and have started work on a few client orders from my Etsy Shop, Reproductions. After they are done I need to prepare for the 1780s costume weekend in October. Once that is over I get to continue working on more regency gowns plus gowns from 1840, 1880 and 1890.

Here I am dancing in a Danish Castle this past August.

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Time Traveling in Costume said...

Your gown here is beautiful. I'd love to see more photos of it.
A couple more days will be our first day of Fall/Autumn. Looking forward to the change of colors, however brown they may be.

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