Jun 2, 2011

Travel Journals

I'm researching travel journals and determined to start one up for my next trip overseas. I have thousands of photos of historical costumes from previous trips to the US and UK, a couple of blog posts, but nothing physical I can share with friends and family. 

Things that I plan to gather up:
  • a sturdy container of some sort to hold everything.
  • A journal, some loose sheets of watercolor or sketch paper, maybe some thinner papers for rubbings.
  • A ruler, scissors, pencil sharpener, erasers
  • pens, watercolour pencils
  • Small glue stick, craft tapes
  • Paper towels & wet wipes
  • Some plastic envelopes for stashing found bits 
What else would you recommend I pack? Is there a particular journal you have purchased and found perfect or do you prefer to make your own?

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