Aug 4, 2013

Snowshill Costume Collection

I have organised a small costume study tour to the Snowshill Costume Collection with Althea MacKenzie on Thursday 19 September 2013 and have room for a few more to join us. Once your name is on our list, please let me know if there are any items you particularly want to see in the collection at Berrington Hall in Leominster, UK.
I have found a few items online at and there are more in the book, Costume in Detail.
Registration for the tour is by paypal to - £45 pounds pays for private transport but does not include entry or refreshments. We leave Bath at 8.30am and aim to return by 5pm, traffic allowing.


Kleidung um 1800 said...

That will be an amazing costume study! Looking forward to hearing how it went...and pictures, please :)


Aylwen Gardiner-Garden said...

Sabine, we'll let you know how it goes but Althea asks us not to publish any photos - so maybe when we try to visit Germany in March next year I can bring some on my laptop to share with you?

vintagevisions27 said...

Wow! That is a tour I would love to do! There are so many amazing items in that collection. Sadly, a trip to the UK is not going to be in my budget any time soon. :(

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