Dec 3, 2012

1820s silk dress from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

I have long admired this dress at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and was so pleased when I went reading costumers' blogs this afternoon to discover that it is being reproduced by Kleidung um 1800. I love this blog, and find so many of the posts so inspirational  - they keep me going, keep me hoping to one day produce garments how Sabine does.

I was so inspired by Sabine's discovery of how to make the fans that I wanted to try for myself. Thank you Sabine, for saving me hours of thinking, plotting and constructing.

Following the instructions Sabine shared with us on her blog, this is what I've managed to make tonight. I have had a roll of pink/blue silk in the attic for many years - its about time it saw some light.

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Kleidung um 1800 said...

Thank you!
I'm happy you enjoy the "fan" making - it's fun, isn't it?!


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