Dec 25, 2012

Historic Costume & Dance Tour of England, September 2013

I've spent the last two years preparing for this tour - and it's turning out rather grand. John and I will be running it together, and if anyone remembers meeting our youngest son on our last two tours - he's joining us again. As I write I'm still confirming details and booking venues - even planning to hold some events of our own! To tempt you, here is our poster - and it only mentions a third of what we have planned.

The difference this time around is that this tour is for you. We are inviting you to join us, and I've already booked gorgeous accommodation in London, on-route to Bath and in Bath itself. You can choose to join us for the whole three weeks or just one week. You will not be disappointed - it will ooze history, spill out with costumes and dance your socks off. I've been mostly booking twin rooms to save costs - so if you are a couple and wish to have a double bed please contact me early as I can sometimes swap rooms across but not for much longer. We'll be providing you with a travel card for the stay in London so you can travel by bus, train etc without any worries - and a private luxury coach for our journey across the countryside to Bath, where we arrive in time for the start of the Jane Austen Festival - said to be the largest one planned yet to celebrate 200 years of Pride & Prejudice.

Contact me on for more information.

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