Jan 29, 2013

KCI Dress Project [6]

Finished at last!
I've been sewing my interpretation of this dress over the past few days, taking photos whenever I remembered.
It has ended up quite challenging - I keep looking at pictures and working out ways to copy, wishing I had the actual dress in front of me.
The bodice is the Elegant Lady's Closet pattern, and the skirt will be Jennie's regency dress pattern. I removed about 4 inches from the centre front bodice to make it a fitted bodice.
I don't have time to sew the entire dress by hand and wish to use the machine where possible, but I must say that most of it has ended up sewn by hand, and its taking me longer than I anticipated.

Lining up the stripes on the back

Binding the front open edges

Preparing the front detail. It was easier to bind before cutting it out.

Pinning in place 

Close up showing the binding loops

Gathering the centres of the bows

Three more bows to go. 

Side shot with flash showing first bow

Three bows, one to go. The mannequin is too large so the bodice is not sitting well tonight.


Katrina - Edelweiss Patterns said...

Oh my goodness! The colors, textures, and detail in the piping are outstanding! What glorious work you do, and I can't wait to see the finished project.

Happy sewing,


Ruffles Gazebo said...

This is gorgeous, I hope to see this at the next workshop :)

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