Dec 31, 2011

English Dance Week 10-12 April 2012

My favourite past time is dancing - without dancing everything pales into insignificance. My love of historical clothing came about because of dancing. In April 2012 we are organising two events in Canberra, an English Dance Week followed by the Jane Austen Festival. I do so hope you can join us! Click on the poster below to see a larger image that is easier to read. Registrations are limited - tickets can be bought online at


Lady D said...

I've been to a few english ceilidhs ( not had a chance to do historical dance (well apart from when a tudor dance troupe at local hall did a demonstration and you could join in). And I do solo clog step dance (at least I have done for past 6months....only a beginner really). I'd like to try some playford dance. Been looking for somewhere that does it in the UK.

Aylwen Gardiner-Garden said...

Lady D, I'll ask around but it depends on what town you're near. I've been to a few dances at Cecil Sharpe House in Camden and we've got a English Country Dancer from the UK already registered to attend this event so she might be able to advise me when I next speak with her.

Lady D said...

I think cecil sharp house is my nearest place at 2 hours away by public transport.

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