May 5, 2011

Selling historical clothing on Etsy

I've been adding more garments to my Etsy store. At this stage everything is custom made to your measurements, but later in the year I hope to add a ready-made option of the more popular lines.

As a May 2011 special, I've put out a 10% discount coupon for readers of this blog - simply use the code DISCOUNT10 when you place an order in my store.

I'm a buyer as well as a seller on Etsy, and I've received both excellent clothing orders and ones where I wonder where they learnt to sew. I know we all have to start somewhere, but please, not on the commercial market. Handmade does not mean shoddy work - it means made by a person with their hands, and with care. I believe that my clothing shows this care, and my hand-finishing gives it a neat finish and longer life. I am continually researching historical sewing methods both at home and overseas, and have my own collection of antique garments for personal reference.

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