Apr 30, 2011


Watching the wedding guests enter the Abbey was like watching a fashion parade, not of dresses, but more of hats. Personally I do not find the sight of knees to be particularly attractive, and admired the slightly longer dresses that showed that someone had taken care to make it the right length for that particular person - I guess its like comparing off-the-rack with custom made. For an occasion like this you 'must' wear a hat, but what girls were interpreting as 'hats' was often quite amusing but at many times inspiring. If you feel a need to make a 'statement' hat, join us in Canberra this October when we'll be running an 18th Century Hat Workshop. Email us for more information.



Time Traveling in Costume said...

There definitely were some really ugly hats today.

Mrs Aylwen Gardiner-Garden said...

And you wonder how much they paid for them. You think that someone in their position would have received better advice.

Time Traveling in Costume said...

I've always wondered that too. What were they thinking when they bought that dress/hat? Did they even look in a mirror? And they surely could afford a fashion advisor.

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