Oct 24, 2015

1790s Riding Habit

I've been sewing so much and neglecting my blog. Many items get put on my facebook page and never get written up here.
My most recent adventure is inspired by an embroidered jacket in the Kyoto collection. It is two separate garments and I've found a waistcoat at the V&A that I'll be copying for the under garment, minus the standup collar. I've been playing around with drafting pattern pieces and am now hand embroidering the collar - one bit at a time. Since I don't normally embroider it will probably take a while, so my goal is to have it wearable for the Jane Austen Festival next April.

Jacket in Kyoto Collection. This is two separate garments.
Waistcoat in the V&A

Back of waistcoat

Working out my design.

Chalked Design
Testing out embroidery possibilities.

My hand embroidery so far. I've just changed to a different frame to stop damage occurring under the ring. 

Playing around with patterns.

Jun 6, 2015

Chemisette with box pleated collar

On Thursday night I ran a chemisette sewing class and showed two methods of putting together a chemisette.

This is my handsewn version featuring a box-pleated collar and it is now for sale in the Jane Austen Festival Australia dress store. You can make your own using this pattern.

Mar 19, 2015

Midshipman Project

I have a lot of work on my plate, so finding time to write down much at all is very difficult. Instead I'm posting pictures of my inspiration and progress.

Dec 26, 2014

Historic Dance Tour of the US, mid-2015

All roads lead to dance! I am adding dots to the map of John's historic dance teaching tour of the US in June & July 2015.... We have only just started to put together ideas and we may need to firm up a few more ideas before we can say the trip is really viable (artistically—we expect to cover most costs ourselves). When we have half a dozen firm ‘dots’ we can see if they can join up easily in a timetable— and we’d happily work around each group's preferences too- anything you organise would be one of our main reasons for travelling.
John teaches historic styles from the Renaissance, Baroque, 17th & 18th Century, Regency, Victorian and Vintage eras. He'll bring some instruments but is always happy to work with local musicians. If you have a special evening dance planned, we'll add our costumes
Please contact me on aylwen@earthlydelights.com.au if you would like to add a dot to our map. To read more about John, please visit his bio at http://www.earthlydelights.com.au/about-us/john-gardiner-garden

Dec 22, 2014

Christmas Carol Ball videos - having some fun in 2014

Two quick videos I took at the 2014 Christmas Carol Ball in Canberra, Australia. The dances are in John Gardiner-Garden's Christmas Carol Dance Book.

Post by Aylwen Gardiner-Garden.

Dec 21, 2014

Blue Regency Ball Gown

I finished my blue regency silk satin and lace gown just in time to wear it to our Christmas Carol Ball last night. The simple dress theme was "Christmas" so John and I went as merrymakers from Mr Fezziwig's Party.

Dec 11, 2014

Regency Court Trains

Some time ago I fell in love with Josephine Bonaparte's court train and wanted to make one for myself. I held off because it is so impractical and I cannot wear it for dancing.

Consecration of the Emperor and the Coronation by Jacques Louis David 
I found an embroidery design I liked and had a version of it digitised, and then embroidered on a two metre piece of cotton velvet. Yesterday it was lined and pinned onto my mannequin - ready for me to plan the next step - the back. Will I give it a back or will I simply sew straps over the shoulders?

My half-finished court train in my sewing studio.
I have lined it with white cotton sateen and used a metallic gold to pipe the edges.

Some reference pictures of my options:

Small back with shoulder straps, 1808.

Backs - these could be called 'robes' instead of trains.
Back view, 1809

MET Museum, 1809

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