Mar 25, 2011

An interruption....March/April 2011 Newsletter

And we interrupt this blog on historical costumes for a brief announcement on our upcoming dance and music activities in Canberra, the capital city of Australia.

Here’s some important March and April dance news for everyone —even if not presently dancing with us.

1) This Saturday at the ANU will be a little out of the ordinary. Sally, Peter and Leon who have been doing such a wonderful job with all the historic material we’ve been exploring to date will be taking a rest or joining us on the dance floor) and we’ll be featuring dances from a collection known as the Lost Dances of Earthly Delights, and we will be joined in the last part of the class by two musicians who played on the original recordings we made of that music some years ago
(Ian Blake on soprano sax and Jon Jones on west-african djembe). Should be a treat- and its not too late to enrol in this semester’s course, if you have friends still wanting to join.

2) At 6:30pm this Saturday, straight after the ANU class, Ian Blake, Jon Jones and John Garden will be offering 45 minutes of unplugged music from the old Earthly Delights repertoire to open a pre-Earth Hour party that the ANU Greens is organising on the lawns in front of Chifley library. Do join us... and I’m sure we’ll get some impromptu dancing happening.

3) There will be no ANU class during term break—i.e. on Sat. 9, 16 or 23 April. Your feet need not, however, despair! You are welcome to come casually ($15 a time) to our on-going Wednesday evening class (contact us for details), and encouraged to come and dance all day every day at the Jane Austen Festival Australia 2011 Friday 15 to Sunday 17 April (including a Grand Regency Ball on the Saturday 16th) and at our 19th century dance week from Monday 18 April to Thursday 21 April. Please do follow the links, book on-line, and make it an April to remember!
Jane Austen Festival
19th Century Dance Week

4) Wednesday classes continue right through March and April, skipping only the Wednesday of the 19th century dance week... and all classes are running all weeks of May and into June.

5) Aylwen is just back from an inspiring 3 weeks studying historical costumes in the U.S. and we look forward to opportunities for her to share what she’s learnt.

Warmest Regards,

John Garden

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